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Khamis, Mei 20, 2004

E-Gold for on-line user...

Nih baru dapat email dari Gomez Peer baru mencari keahlian dari sebelah Asia termasuk malaysia.

May 2004


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your participation in -- and referrals to -- the Gómez PEER Community is helping us help Web site operators continuously improve the online experience they deliver to netizens around the world!

We hope you agree that turning your PC into a money making machine has not only paid great personal dividends but is helping to make the Internet a more fruitful place to learn, play and do business.

On behalf of our customers, we want you to know how much we appreciate the role you play in growing and enhancing the value of the PEER Community.

That's why we continue to offer a referral bounty of $1 for each new qualified PEER you recruit that gets activated! Not bad scratch for merely getting your friends and family to download our PEER software onto their PCs. (Please note that your username is already added to the referral link so you will automatically be tracked for your referral bonus).

Remember: Gómez verifies location and connection speed through an independent service. Any PEER providing inaccurate location or connection information will be removed from the PEER Community.


The Internet's dynamism drives us to continuously update our measurement infrastructure and testing software. In that spirit of renewal, our old testing software will be discontinued effective May 17, 2004. This change will impact any PEER that downloaded his or her software prior to November 7, 2003. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

To continue earning money via the PEER program, you will need to download the new version of the Gómez PEER. See below if we are looking for new PEERs in your geographic area. The new version can be downloaded via the following link.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We're always looking for users in particular geographies who attach at every possible connection speed to make sure the Community is reflective of the global Internet. To help increase the odds of earning a referral bonus, here's where we need to recruit new PEERs:

* Argentina: All connection speeds
* Australia: Dial-Up
* Austria: All connection speeds
* Bangladesh: All connection speeds
* Belgium: All connection speeds
* Brazil: All connection speeds
* Canada: Dial-Up
* Chile: All connection speeds
* France: All connection speeds
* Germany: Dial-Up
* Hong Kong: All connection speeds
* India: All connection speeds
* Italy: All connection speeds
* Japan: Dial-Up
* Korea: All connection speeds
* Malaysia: All connection speeds
* Mexico: All connection speeds
* Netherlands: All connection speeds
* Phillipines: All connection speeds
* Singapore: All connection speeds
* Spain: All connection speeds
* Switzerland: All connection speeds
* Tawain: All connection speeds
* United Kingdom: Dial-Up

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PEER PERSPECTIVES: A Digital News Digest

"Phishing" Attacks Can Be Painful
A recent report on "Phishing" -- the increasingly bogus attempt by Internet fraudsters to obtain consumer passwords, credit card information and other personal data -- says U.S. banks and credit card issuers lost an estimated $1.2 billion last year.

Moreover, an estimated 57 million American received a phished e-mail during that time, according to the study conducted by Gartner, Inc., with 76% of the attacks coming in the last six months.

Recent studies by Message Labs and The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) corroborate the Gartner research. Message Labs reported 337,050 phished e-mails across its network in January of 2004 alone, according to a recent article published on APWG believes the numbers may actually be in the hundreds of millions of "phished" e-mails per month.

Why is phishing so prevalent? Because it is effective. An estimated 19% of U.S adult Internet users were trusting enough to click on an e-mail link phishing for information; 3% reported actually entering sensitive personal or financial information.

Napster Seeks UK Ears
In preparation for a late summer entry into the highly competititive UK digital music download market, Napster recently disclosed a deal with the Association of Independent Music (AIM) that brings 50,000 new tracks from 50 of AIM's 800 member companies to its catalog.

The deal was revealed as UK download rival Wippit announced its own distribution pact with Sony. Both deals highlight the contract and copyright agreements that are key to delivering desirable online music to consumers in an increasingly complex world market, according to a recent article published in E-Commerce Times.

The AIM deal brings Napster music from labels such as Ninja Tune, Domino, Cooking Vinyl, Gut and Skint and from artists such as Coldcut, Billy Bragg, Roots Manuva, Kid Koala and others. Wippit's deal with Sony will give it rights to digitally resell music from artists such as Babyface, Tony Bennett and Korn, among others.

3G Networks Connect Europe's Laptops
After years of delay and billions of dollars in investment, Europe's biggest mobile operators are finally starting limited commercial service on the high-speed wireless networks known as third generation, or 3G. But for now, the 3G networks are linking more laptop computers than cellphones due to problems with the advanced phones, according to a recent article published in E-Commerce Times.

Germany's Vodafone Group and T-Mobile International recently announced their new services, joining mobile phone company 3 (in Britain and Italy) and Telekom Austria.

To get the services jumpstarted, providers are pushing 3G data cards for laptops. The data cards, primarily aimed at business customers, act like a modem, offering Internet connections at 384 kilobits per second, nearly seven times faster than the 40 to 60 kbps of mobile phone data transmissions.

Such connectivity doesn't come cheap. Vodafone is charging the equivalent of $427 for the data cards. The cards are not subsidized, as mobile phones are, so individual users do not get a discount for signing up for 3G services, although corporations buying in bulk can negotiate a better deal, E-Commerce Times pointed out.

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